Minutes from Field to Mill

The team at FDL knows that the faster you harvest and deliver crop for processing the better the quality. While traditionally it could be hours from harvest to drying, FDL’s technology means that they can have the crops harvested and into processing in the shortest possible time. It is about sealing in the freshness and the nutrients.

This unique advantage is the customers guarantee of freshness.

State-of-the-art Hot Air Drying

The FDL manufacturing site employs state of the art hot air drying technology. Starting from a clean slate and looking at what was available internationally the team have built a facility capable of processing crops to the highest standards of freshness, safety and quality. Everything is focused on locking in the essential nutrients and attributes of each crop.

The facility employs the very best electronic control technology to ensure what is grown simply and naturally is delivered to the customer in a pristine state. Everything is grown and processed without the use of chemical pesticides and fungicides or additives of any kind.

More than this, the team are experienced and practical and have further adapted and refined the processing operation. This has taken FDL’s processing capacity beyond the base technology to create a unique New Zealand approach to processing that works harmoniously in a lovely clean environment.

Organic Certification – BioGro #5690

Right from the outset of operations the FDL team have used production systems that align with organic certification. FDL have been certified Organic by BioGro New Zealand Ltd since production began in 2016.

FDL’s BioGro certification number is #5690.

The team see organic certification with BioGro as a key investment that sets their operation apart and provides trusted, independent audit of FDL’s commitment to organic principles.