Equine Feeds – Superfood for horses

FDL have developed a line of superior equine feeds from their certified organic green leaf barley powder. Barley grain, often in a rolled form, is a commonly used raw material in equine diets. This is either as a single food stuff or as an ingredient within a complete diet formulation. FDL Equine feeds take equine nutrition to the next level.

Laboratory analysis of FDL equine feed has shown that many nutrients are present in higher levels than in standard rolled barley. Protein is more than double that of rolled barley, which is reflected in the products higher lysine amino acid levels. Lysine is a main limiting and essential amino acid within horse feeds. Conventionally lucerne meal or purified forms of lysine (from fermentation technology) are typically used to boost levels in final diets.

Increasing body weight & condition scores

Fat levels are twice as high in FDL equine feeds when compared to rolled barley. Fat from plant origins is useful as an energy source and for increasing horse body weight and condition scores.

Fibre levels are also high. This is important as horses are adapted to obtain most of their energy from hind gut fermentation of fibre. The bacteria which perform this breakdown produce vitamins as by-products. These are important in maintaining skin and coat condition and the animal’s behaviour. Calcium, chlorine, potassium and sulphur are all higher in FDL Equine feeds than in rolled barley.

FDL Equine feeds can be used in horse diets,  either as a protein and lysine source, or to increase fat intake levels. A balanced supply of Potassium is available from these feeds.