Certified Organic Barley Powder

Throughout spring, summer and into late autumn the FDL team harvest and dry fresh young certified organic barley leaves.The barley is grown on the rich soil of the Canterbury Plains.

The resulting powder is rich in carotenoids. It is very green, with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. The leaves have assimilated the energy of the sun, taken up earth’s nutrients and been irrigated with pure water. The product is rich in folate, Vitamins A and C and potassium. Good amounts of iron, thiamine, magnesium and riboflavin are also present. Taking this powder in a drink is refreshing. It is alternatively sweet and gently bitter in taste and feels like it is permeating the cells of the body.

Meeting the growing demand

The demand for Certified Organic Barley finely milled powder has grown proportionally with increasing health consciousness. Companies around the world use FDL’s Certified Organic Barley powder either straight or in green drink products like the Japanese ‘aojiru’. FDL is able to supply commercial orders of any size.

FDL know that the Certified Organic Barley Leaf Powder they are producing is the freshest and greenest on the planet.