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Organic Greens from New Zealand’s Heartland

Folium Drying Limited (FDL) was established in 2016 to meet the increasing international demand for high quality, New Zealand grown, certified organic plant powders. Realising that the shorter the time from harvest to drying, the higher the product quality. FDL has built New Zealand’s newest and most sophisticated on farm hot air drying operation.

FDL grows and processes certified organic barley grass, certified organic wheatgrass and other certified organic leaf crops in New Zealand’s cereal growing heartland – the Canterbury Plains.

These certified organic crops are tended with expert care Halal and Kosher certified. They receive natural sunlight, certified organic fertilizers, sustainable irrigation and natural rainfall. The crops grow in rich ‘bioactive’ soil and dry into the highest quality plant powders available. The product has a mild, pleasant taste and vibrant, green appearance. New Zealand grown and processed greens set the standard for quality and taste around the world.

We’ve been organic for more than 30 years

Rob, Mark and Tim, the leadership team of FDL bring years of experience in organic farming and agricultural processing to this operation. Their simple aim is to produce certified organic plant powders of perfect quality and freshness – the best in the world. The operation follows strict food safety guidelines to ensure final product safety and quality at every stage. In making our products the utmost care taken of the environment and of the welfare of the FDL team.

The team believe that farming organically and producing excellent organic food is a creative act akin to an art. The colour and taste of their product is testament to their commitment. The farm has been certified organic for nearly 30 years.

Unspoilt beauty – We plan to keep it that way.

The team at FDL believe they are fortunate to be living and farming in the delightful Canterbury region of New Zealand. The mountains, the rivers and the plains they farm on are renowned worldwide for their unspoiled beauty.

The Team at FDL treasure and care about where they live and seek to leave the environment as they found it – beautiful.